5 Tips For Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Headlines

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5 Tips For Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Headlines:


Did you know that 80% of the people read your blog headlines and only 20% actually click through to read the article? Blog headlines must be compelling enough to hook the reader’s attention. Having a well-written blog, but a boring title can put all your efforts into vain. And here, search algorithms also come into picture. To increase conversions and views, follow the tips for writing SEO-friendly blog headlines mentioned below:


5 Tips For Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Headlines: 

Your ultimate goal to writing a blog headline is not just to grab the reader’s attention. But you must also make sure that they are equally optimised for the search engine. Here are 5 tips for writing SEO-friendly blog headlines:

Keep it concise: A blog headline of 60-67 characters is all you need. You probably don’t want to give all the information in the headline itself. So keep your headline crisp and concise, at the same time tell people what your blog post is about. For example, the headline, How to design a logo? Within just 30 characters, we know who the blog post is for and what it is about.

Use Keywords: What’s a blog post without keywords. Likewise, keywords must also be used in your blog headlines. Find out the relevant keywords that your target audience uses. You can use Google’s “People Ask For” feature for accurate suggestions. Using the keyword that people usually search for helps Google recognise your content. There may be a bunch of keywords, so choose the ones that generate more traffic and have relatively low competition.

Keep it simple: No doubt your blog headline must be catchy, but it must also be simple. Writing attractive headlines doesn’t mean you must use fancy words that are hard to grasp. Use everyday words that can be understood by your audience. Cut the fluff and keep it simple. 

Target your audience: Know who your target audience is and craft your headlines accordingly. If your target audience is a specific age group, or a particular gender, then mention it in your headline. Remember that an SEO-friendly headline showcases that it holds something of value and will give a solution to the queries of the people.

Be Compelling: Among the millions of articles published everyday, yours might get lost. But what makes you stand out is a compelling headline. Use numbers and data in your headline, create a sense of urgency, state facts, use emotions, use power words, and you are sure to make it to the top. Lastly, see that you don’t deceive your readers by creating clickbaits, it is completely unethical.


Final Thoughts: 

As the average human attention span is only 8.25 seconds, Alex Cattoni’s HOT headline formula is all you need. It is to hook attention, open a loop, and target your ideal audience. It’s that simple. And according to David Ogilvy, five times as many people read the headlines than the body copy, so write catchy SEO-friendly headlines, follow the tips and slay. 

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